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Electric Skateboard Buying Guide 2022

Electric Skateboard Buying Guide 2022

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The electric skateboard industry has blossomed immensely in recent years. With many great skateboards popping up on the market constantly, it can be hard to decide which e-board to choose. The Crooze team has therefore compiled the ultimate buying guide for you! It includes all the information you need to know in order to find the best electric skateboard for your needs.

What is an Electric Skateboard?

An e-board is similar to a normal skateboard but with an electric motor added to it. This motor makes it possible for riders to move forward with a speed up to 40 kph.

Under Australian Road Rules, E-boards are classified as “wheeled recreational devices.” This is a separate category to bicycles which includes rollerblades, skateboards, scooters and electric tools with a motor under 200 watts.

Most e-boards are controlled with a remote that the riders can use. The remote controls your speed, your board set up and gives you valuable data about the boards performance including battery life and rider mode. The controller is synced with your skateboard, and you are able to start and stop with the remote.

Some of the most popular brands on the market at the moment are OneWheel, Evolve, Exway, dOt and Tranzite.

Different Types of Eboards

Electric one wheel skateboard

An electric onewheel is a single wheel skateboard, self-balancing electric board. These wheels are fairly new to the market but becoming more and more popular due to its unique design. The e-onewheel is developed with an efficient electric motor that spins to power riders forwards or backwards, and composes thousands of micro-adjustments per second to keep the rider balanced.

Onewheel skateboard

Electric off-road skateboard 

Designed for all terrains. These GTR off-road electric skateboards come with all-terrain wheel options. It is a versatile skateboard that is developed to tackle any surface and perform down roads less travelled.

Electric street skateboard / Electric cruiser board

Electric street boards are one of the most popular e-board. This type of skateboard is highly recommended for those who would want to experience the exhilaration and excitement of effortless street surfing. The eboard Street surfing is also a perfect option for everyday use, making traveling to and from work a fun trip. It is the ideal mix of both speed and agility. 

Segway e-skates

The Segway electric skates are like normal skating but faster. The two separate self-balancing e-skates can speed up to 12km/h and are three times faster than walking.

Electric skateboard motor

The electric skateboards are most commonly driven by either an in-wheel hub motor, or a belt driven motor that is externally-mounted.

The hub motor is the most popular motor for e-boards. When you hit the accelerator on your remote, the whole wheel is triggered to spin, meaning there is no gear turning a belt or wheel (like with the belt driven motor) but the wheel and motor are spinning together as one unit. 1 spin of the motor = 1 spin of the wheel.

The advantages with this motor is that they are incredibly energy efficient and whisper quiet compared to the belt motor. But the trade off however is that their brakes are not as good, and it is hard to change the wheel as the motor is embedded within it.

The Belt Drive Motors are the original electric skateboard design where the motor is attached to the board, and is powered by the use of belts and gears. The advantages include better braking system, greater torque, but downside is louder noise and no free roll - meaning when you come off the power you will slow down much quicker. Belt motors require a bit more maintenance but the parts are normally easy to replace and inexpensive.

In addition to these two, there is another less common option -- the direct drive motor. Unlike the hub drive the direct drive motor is located just inside the wheel attached to your skateboard trucks. This makes it easy to switch out your wheels to suit your riding style. The motor is very efficient, creating good levels of power.

GTR electric skateboard

Assistance Modes

The skateboards offer different types of riding style modes, depending on the type of board and brand.

ECO Mode: use this setting for safe top speed and easy control. This mode is perfect for beginners and riders wanting a relaxed ride with the longest ride times.

PRO mode: this is the perfect setting for someone looking to whizz past traffic and turn their everyday commute travel into your daily dose of adrenaline rush. 

GTR mode: this is another step up from the PRO mode. Switch to the GTR setting to experience incredible acceleration and power. This mode enables you to climb hills of up to 25% inclination.

Additional modes

CUST mode: this gives you the ability to customise your ride to best suit your riding style. With this mode, you can accommodate the power to be cruise, super fast or somewhere in-between. 

Battery Range and Charging

Battery power and range is key for going the distance without having to charge. Consider how you plan to use your e-board. Long distance rides on high assist will require more battery power. Most electric skateboards run off battery packs.

There are many types of  different batteries used in e-boards, lithium batteries being the most popular with its high number of charge cycles, producing a lot of power in a compact weight.

The maximum power depends on the model -- it can range from 250 watts to above 3000 watts (although it should be noted that the speed limit for public use in most states is 25km/h). When it comes to the distance range, an entry level model will be able to take you for approximately 19 kms, and the more powerful adventure models will perform at up to 32 kms.

Evolve Electric Skateboard

Weight and Portability

Electric e-boards come in a range of various weights, with some designed to be more portable and lightweight for travel and convenience.

The weight of the electric longboards varies depending on the style of riding you are looking for. The lightest electric skateboards weigh around 7 kg and are normally the street boards designed to be agile and easy to maneuver. While the heavier boards are developed to handle rougher surfaces and can weigh up to 11 kg. All boards are fairly light, compact and easy to transport.

Electric Skateboard Wheels and Tyres

The e-board tyres come in two main types — air filled (pneumatic) and airless (Urethane). Air filled tyres generally provide a higher quality, smoother ride and perform better over-all on a variety of road and trail surfaces. Meanwhile, airless tyres are more common on entry level, budget-friendly electric skateboards, and often more lightweight and portable than pneumatic tyres.

E-boards Rules and Regulations

The rules and laws regarding e-skateboards in Australia are still a bit in the grey area. But as a skateboard, the legal limit in Australia is set to 25km/h. If your device goes over that, you are operating a road vehicle. Meaning you are considered riding on a device parallel to a moped or motorcycle, and must comply with the legal public motor road requirements set for the various states and territories when travelling.

Electric Skateboard Rules

E-Board Cost

E-boards come in a variety of price points, depending what you want out of your device. Below is a list of what you can expect of your e-board at each price level, either if you are looking just for a cheap electric skateboard or a more powerful one.

Under 1K

This price point is recommended for beginners. At this price level you can expect a lightweight board with a range of about 15 kms, and around 200 watts of motor power. It often will come with two simple speed modes of high and low speed, the highest speed being around 20-25 km/h. The charging time might also be longer than with the higher priced options.


At this price range you can expect high quality e-board. The e-board will be able to go a distance of 35 km each time, and a speed capacity of above 25km/h. At this price point, the device will come with a few more modes, and you will see that some boards are able to handle uphill climbs. 


Most high performing electric boards will be in this price bracket. At this level you will see the boards are designed for more adventure riding, and come with a range of different modes -- including the GTR off-road setting. These devices are developed for more speed, and all-around terrain. It will have higher capacity batteries, distance range and advanced quality components.

Electric Skateboards

Electric Skateboard Maintenance Tips

Maintenance is important to ensure your electric skateboard runs smoothly and remains in great condition for as long as possible. The maintenance required is not too difficult, but checks, storage practices and general servicing should be done regularly in order to get the most out of your eboard.

* For models with air filled tyres, check air pressure regularly.

* Charge your battery to 100% after every ride.

* Store your electric skateboard in a dry, secure area away from direct sunlight.

* Clean the bearings once a month or do a full replacement every 3 months.

* For belt and drive gears check for abnormal wear/damage -- spin the wheels after each ride to see if anything is stuck between the belt and the gear/cover.

    If you are having an issue with the electric components, please contact the skate shop or manufacturer of the board. It is not recommended to do any maintenance work on electrical issues by yourself.

    No matter if you are looking for a budget electric skateboard or a high-performance one. At Crooze you will be able to buy your perfect e-board, have heaps of fun and pay only later with AfterPay or Zip Pay and get FREE shipping!


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