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Girls who ride Electric Skateboards

Girls who ride electric skateboards

Amanda Botton |

The interest in electric skateboards has skyrocketed in recent years, and one of the greatest things about the e-board community is broad diversity. It is a good mix of both girls and guys, old and young. It is an all inclusive bunch of people!

We would like to especially highlight the new generation of eboard skater girls, and the popularity the motorized skateboard has had amongst women. These women are more than just ladies enjoying cruising along on their longboard, they are adventure seekers, travellers, skilled artists, professional business women and athletes. They describe skating as the feeling of dancing in the sky, and really enjoy the freedom the boards bring them.

Evolve girls

Check out these inspiring skater females who have made a big impact in the skating community and revolutionised skating for girls.

#1 April Vaughan 

April Vaughan from Gold Coast Australia is a badass skater and motocross enthusiast. She lives by the hashtag #livealittlerisky, and she sure does! April likes to make the most out of life whether it be fishing, camping, skating or motorbike riding. Her favourite board is the Evolve Carbon GTR series, expressing that those eboards give her an all in one feel of skating, surfing and snowboarding. These fast and powerful e-skateboards make it possible to take smooth curves on the street and cruise through even parks. So, if you are ever on the Gold Coast, you might be able to spot April cruising along, either to the pub or looking for her next antics.


 #2 Tayla Harris 

Tayla Harris is enthusiastic in all things sport and adventure. She is a professional AFL player for Melbourne and a Professional Boxer. Her skater choice is none other than the world renowned Evolve skateboard. Tayla was introduced to e-boards a couple of years ago by her friend, and was immediately hooked. She is already on her 3rd board! The device is well-used, for cruising along the street with friends to commuting to and from practices. She has definitely noticed the huge benefits from having a personal electric transport in her life as she spends a lot of time on her phone and social media for work, and therefore having the opportunity to just jump on the board to get away and have a break has really helped. 


“My board, my endless wave!”

LILKITQ is from Poland, and a big promoter for ESK8 Girls. She likes to push her and her board's limits, taking it through any terrain - from off-road trails, forest grounds and pump tracks to street roads. She likes to swap between the Evolve Bamboo GTR All-Terrain and the Evolve Stoke e-skateboard.    


#4 Nikkie Castle 

Nikkie loves to travel from country to country e-skating. If there is a place to skate, Nikkie will most likely have been there -- from the Eiffel Tower in France, outback Las Vegas, US and funky Berlin, Germany. In one of her many adventurous Instagram posts she says: “My board is my best transport. It is my life.” She enjoys mixing up her personal eboard, skating anything from a fun one wheel hoverboard to a smooth, portable electric longboard.

#5 Joanna Shields 

Joanna is arguably the BEST electric skater to follow on Instagram! Her profile has a wide range of authentic, colourful and high quality images, showcasing the beautiful nature of the United States. She has been an active skater for many years, but in recent years has found a passion for e-skating. Now, wherever she goes, so does her board. Besides cruising along the California coast, Joanna is a business savvy woman. She is an Interior designer, Visual Merchandiser and ambassador for Evolve skateboards. 


#6 Paulina Eriksson

Influencer Paulina Eriksson is both a skilled skater and a rockstar within the social media and marketing industry. She is now based in Marbella, Spain, but is a wanderlust person who enjoys exploring the world, living in places such as Malta, Italy, Santa Monica, California and now living her best life in beautiful SPAIN. Paulina is always on the go, whether it be road trips, snorkeling, snowboarding, hiking, and of course her skateboard comes along on the journey! She enjoys using her board to commute to work, carving and power rides. She says “Going to work has never been more fun” thanks to her e-board. 

#7 Jacqui

If you have not heard, the newest thing in the electric skateboard community is the one wheel skateboard. A fun and exciting way to get to wherever you want to go. One active promoter of this new electric transport is Jacqui. This girl is an active sport! She often meets up with friends and goes shredding through forest trails, the beach and footpaths. Even bold enough to take it on the pint!

A fun fact about Onewheel is that you can customize your board mixing and matching different colours until you make it yours!

There are so many more inspiring e-skater girls out there, the list could go on and on. We at Crooze Electric are proud advocates of all demographic skaters! If you are as excited as us, check out some of our e-boards here, and grab one today. Go Girls!

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