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New Specialized S-Works Torch Road Shoes

New Specialized S-Works Torch Road Shoes

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Specialized has done it again! Introducing to you the brand-new Specialized S-Works Torch Road Shoes. This is a completely redesign of the popular S-Works 7 shoes, which many saw as a must-have in any roadie’s closet, the best of the best in road shoes. period.

The development of these cycling shoes started over two decades ago, focusing on how to enhance the bike shoes' body-to-bike connection. Specialized goals were, as always, to push boundaries of innovation, find a solution to your problems and make it better with science.

In 1997 Specialized had a breakthrough with its Body Geometry. The problems cyclists were facing at the time were hip, knee and foot misalignment, and this was solved through this design and validated it with science.

Every S-Works shoe has been designed with this formula - identity a problem, find a solution and back it up with science. This has led to S-Works shoes being a favourite amongst thousands of pro racers. The latest evolution to the S-Work lineup is the all-new S-Works Torch


Specialized S-works Torch Shoes


The Specialized S-Works Torch road bike shoes are the new cutting-edge footwear within cycling. It combines Body Geometry with data science, biomimicry and obsessive craftsmanship, which has resulted in a cleat shoe so thoughtfully designed that you’ll forget you’re even wearing it.


Utilising data science, Specialized has refined every detail of the S-Works Torch’s upper for better performance and fit. The new upper features reinforcement in key zones while also offering adaptive fit zones to create a disappearing fit, so it feels like you are not even wearing them.

Furthermore, the S-Works Torch comes with an enhanced BOA S3-Snap-Fit cable that is moved down and angled, improving lockdown and hindering the ball of the foot from lifting. The snug yet comfortable fit will contribute to better power transfer as well as remove any uncomfortable pressure points or pinching. The independent alloy BOA S3-Snap-Fit System offers riders on-the-go micro-adjustment and is backed by the BOA Guarantee.

Specialized S-works torch Shoes

Natural movement and a comfortable fit were important features when developing this pair. That is why S-Work Torch comes with adaptive materials that allow a natural movement when needed, as well as keeping the foot secure with data-driven zonal reinforcement fin order to deliver enhanced power output and optimal efficiency.

Specialized s-works torch


Over the years Specialized has collected over 100,000-foot scans and used this information in order to create the best sole and base plate for most riders. During this data collection (RETÜL fit data) Specialized identified that both a standard and a wide carbon base plate would best fit a broader number of human foot shapes. 

That is why the brand’s engineers have constructed two new carbon base plates that are 4mm and 8mm wider at the ball than the S-Works 7 shoe.

In addition, the brand has further optimised the cycling shoe’s construction by integrating an internal I-Beam to the plate which works to strengthen and offer stiffness to the shoe. The I-Beam also removes the need for extra bracing. 

This new design has skimmed down unnecessary materials and parts, reducing the weight of the shoes by 20 grams and increasing efficiency and instant power transfer.


The Retül data also identified that to better match the shape of riders' feet, sloping the shoe more towards the lateral side gives the rider a snugger, close-to-foot fit. That is why the S-Works Torch Specialized cycling shoes come with an asymmetrical heel counter that supports the medial side and has removed material from the lateral side, ensuring a lower collar. 

Specialized S-Works Torch Road Shoes - black


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This asymmetric heel cup offers better heel comfort by offering more room for the Achilles heel. This snug and close-to-fit design will further help improve support for knee and foot alignment.

Here is a quick Q&A to answer some of your questions about these new Specialized shoes. 

How does the Specialized S-Works Torch fit into the S-Works shoe lineup?

The S-Works Torch is here to replace the S-Works 7 model. The Torch carries forward a traditional S-Works design and fit, offering riders a minimalistic and classic look. It is constructed with high-quality fabrics and is designed to provide you with an improved foot to pedal feel. When compared to the S-Works Ares, the Ares has a more locked-down fit for explosive power. 

Does the S-Works Torch have the same stiffness as the S-Works 7?

Yes, it does. The Torch is built with a carbon baseplate that offers optimised stiffness, yet is 20 grams lighter than the SW 7. 

Is the S-Works Torch made with the same material as the S-Works 7?

Specialized has removed Dyneema and instead replaced it with an in-house material package that includes a range of different materials in specific zones. These new materials are more flexible and supple, giving riders the perfect amount of support and comfort. 

Does the fit of the Torch vary from the S-Works 7?

Yes, slightly. The base plate of the Torch is wider than the SW 7, and the Torch comes with a more asymmetrical design. The upper of the shoe is a bit lower over the little toes, which makes the cleats fit more securely and give a close-to-foot feeling. Torch and 7 have the same length, however, the heel ball of the foot is slightly wider. This means that cyclists with a wider foot might want to try a half size down if they’ve previously been sizing up to add width.

Every aspect of the S-Works Torch is carefully designed and reconstructed to make it more agile, enhance performance, mould to your foot and optimise comfort. 

Available in a standard and wide fit. 

You don’t want to miss out on these revolutionised road shoes. Check them out here

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