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OneWheel GT launched in Australia.

OneWheel GT launched in Australia.

Ash Cole |

The anticipation is almost over, the OneWheel GT will land in Australia very soon! Crooze provided you with the OneWheel Pint, Pint X and XR, we now present to you the OneWheel GT.

A phenomenal piece of engineering, the OneWheel GT is a step above the rest. With what is considered a quantum leap from the other models. With Australia hanging out to get our hot little hands on it, Crooze promises to deliver it to you so you do not miss out! Because let’s be honest - everyone is wanting one of the bad boys!

Let’s dive into the background of the OneWheel.

The segway was a massive success and soon followed was the design for the OneWheel. Kyle Doerksen is the creator, founder of Future Motion, and mastermind behind the OneWheel invention. The inspiration behind this electric board was the love of snowboarding. Obviously being seasonal, Doerksen wanted to create a mode of transportation that appeared to look like a powered snowboard but rode and felt more like snowboarding on fresh powder. We can attest to this…it does! 

This electric one-wheeled skateboard took the world by storm and a few years later we now have the OneWheel GT

OneWheel GT on rough terrain

The difference between the Pint and Pint X.

To understand how advanced the GT model is compared to the earlier models we need to discuss and compare. 

The first model created by Doerksen was the OneWheel Pint e-board. The pint entered the market with a top speed of 16mph/ 25kms. The original model was a great start and Crooze would highly recommend the pint for children 13 years old and above. The original pint model had roughly a battery life of 2 hours, extendable when using the ultra charger. Short in performance time, the pint was perfect for mini joy rides around the neighbourhood. 


As for the Pint X, OneWheel stepped it up a notch and amped up the speed and performance time. The Pint X was fine-tuning the demand following reviews of the Pint model. The people wanted more speed and longer battery life. So that is what OneWheel did. With speeds of the Pint X reaching up to 18mph/ 28kms and almost doubling the battery time duration with 3 hours and 45 minutes of pure fun. The Pint X was perfect for those who wished to cruise for longer and further periods of time. The only negative that came with the longer battery life was the extended charging time.

The OneWheel Pint X

The OneWheel GT.

You wanted more speed. You asked for more power. You needed more distance. The OneWheel GT is here. Pricing you with all that. Speeds reaching a soaring 20mph/ 32kms, a range of up to 32 miles/ 51kms. The GT model is dynamic, sleek and outstanding in performance at all speeds. 

There is a reason why this model is so highly anticipated. We have never seen an electric one-wheeled skateboard like this. You can now enjoy a full day of riding on just one single charge. Experience the adventure on all terrain with the GT taking you further than ever before. Small changes in the design feature allow you to have more control over the board.

OneWheel has incorporated a concave footpad for more stability, gripper grip tape and a custom tire profile for deeper carving and a more board feel. 

The 21700 batteries will never let you down with a range of 32 miles, you can trust that the GT will provide you with peak performance all day long. OneWheel has created their own custom rubber so those who dream to shred it on those rockier terrains can do so with the OneWheel-specific tire with a rounder profile so no matter how rough the trail maybe you will feel as though you are riding down that fresh powder mountain. 

Light up the track with 300% more brightness. The GT features new LED high beams so that you can experience the most visibility when riding. This model is for those who are serious about riding and want to push the boundaries. OneWheel had looked into every comment, suggestion and recommendation customers had with the previous models and redesigned the components to create the ultimate horsepower, torque and dynamic e-board on the market. 

Sync while you ride.

OneWheel lets you connect every ride to their app where you can track your speeds, distance, and more! Be aware of your battery status so you are never left in the dust. You have full control of every ride with the option to customise how your board runs. Switch the settings to your exact preferences. You can even connect with your friends and track their rides and speeds. 

 OneWheel App

We at Crooze are excited to finally get the OneWheel GT in-store. We cannot wait for you to try it out for yourselves. If you have been a long-time fan of the OneWheel or always considered trying it out, this is the model you need. Increased speed, increased power and increased distance.


You can shop the range of OneWheel products and accessories right here, at Crooze. 

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