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Has Focus Bikes just created the best MTB on the market?

Has Focus Bikes just created the best MTB on the market?

Ash Cole |

There is no better team of people you would want to create a high-performing, class-leading quality electric mountain bike, than the team at Focus Bikes. Imagine loving bikes so much that you decide you have to build them yourself. Well, that is exactly what the brains behind Focus Bikes did. Understanding what riders need from a good bike, designing and building a range of bikes to suit every rider and their desires. 

Through extensive trial and testing methods, for assembly in Germany, Focus knows what they are doing and is precise in the make and model of their bikes. Hence why they hold the reputation that they do. The people at Focus love the community formation that riding brings. Moments and memories that are shared while tackling rough and rugged terrains, or simple Sunday cruising. Wherever you desire to ride, Focus Bikes have designed the perfect bike for you. 




In saying all of this, we would like to introduce you to Focus Bike's newest pride and joy the FOCUS SAM2 6.9. This electric mountain bike has to be one of the sturdiest, well-performing and high-quality bikes on the market today. Designed with riders in mind who want to tackle the toughest challenges in rough terrains and thrive off pushing the boundaries. Focus believes they have created the most durable bike to suit even the most aggressive trails - We agree!

The strong all alloy frame has been redesigned to handle the impact of rough riding but also to ensure a more comfortable ride. Although the bike has a build to withstand hardcore riding, the slim frame is one of the most attractive specs of this e-bike. With the battery integrated within the frame as well as all cables are routed through the stem, making the bike super neat and tidy. Lightweight this electric MTB is powerful and is a dream to ride with bouncy suspension. The Focus SAM2 6.9 really stands out from the other electric mountain bikes on the market with its downhill performance, the speed and drive it has uphill is also quite commendable. 

 All alloy frame FOCUS ebike

The power this electric bike brings with speeds of up to 25km, you can count on the SAM2 to zoom around sharp corners and bolt down steep tracks. This e-bike is functional and allows you to do more and think less with Bosch Performance CX motor adjusting automatically to the power produced. This powerhouse electric bike is fitted out with the biggest battery Bosch has to offer. So you don't have to worry about being short on power. 

Due to the slim frame design, the battery integrated within the frame can be accessed via the battery lock key. Focus has done this so you can ride as aggressive as possible without damaging your battery. For those riders who love to tweak their electric bikes and maximise range and speed, the Focus SAM2, unfortunately, does not have a second battery option. However, the JAM2 9.9, or the JARIFA and ADVENTURA range do allow for a second battery.

Focus Bikes created this e-bike for category 5, so you can trust that they included all the specs and features you would need. This bike has it all, Shimano XT Drive chain and XT 4 piston brakes. With FOX factory 38 forks and FOX coil in the rear, we understand the hype around this bike and why it prevails above the other mountain bikes. 

They have expanded the room in the cockpit, by including a short seat-tube with a low stand overhead. This reconfigure gives riders the ability to move their weight around effortlessly. With 170mm travel and 29” wheels. The epic feature of this bike is the Flip Chip. Prefer to change the figure of your bike into a mullet build? The Flip Chip technology allows you to do just that! Focus also allows you to swap out the Schwalbe to a set of Maxxis tyres depending on the type of ride. 

The thought and time that Focus Bikes put into each one of their bikes is world-class in itself. Each bike has a purpose and suits different needs. They suggest that those riders who love aggressive trails but not geeking over downhill performance, check out the JAM2 range. Focus has really thought of it all. Here at Crooze approve of the FOCUS SAM 2 6.9, we believe this electric MTB is one of the best and will be hard to beat.

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