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The 6 Best Car Bike Racks


Amanda Botton |

Your bike can go with you anywhere you go when you have your attachable bike rack. Whether it be on your next Summer holiday up the coast or your next family camping trip. You can enjoy scenic rides when on the road. 

Having a good-quality bike rack will make transportation of your bicycle, mountain bike or electric bike easier, more secure and minimise the risk of damage to your bike.

Car bike holders come in many forms, and which car rack is best for you is dependent on what car you drive, how many bicycles you want to transport and what type of bikes you own. You can choose between carrying just one bicycle or up to four at the same time. If you are carrying heavier bicycles like e-bikes and mountain bikes, a sturdy rack suitable for more loading capacity is important. The type of carrier you choose also depends on what type of car you drive, and whether it has a tow bar, hitch mount or neither. 

There are many categories of bike carriers for cars available on the market, some of the most popular types are tow ball bike racks, hitch-mounted racks, rear trunk racks and roof racks. These are all designed to fit different cars or different users’ needs and preferences.

The most well-known and popular brands are Buzzrack, Yakima and Thule. These premium brands have been in the industry for years and have enhanced their models, design and features in order to meet your needs. They focus strongly on providing you with a bike carrier that is strong, stable, user-friendly, durable and reliable.

The Best Bike Rack

The best car bike rack for your needs might be difficult with so many brands and models to choose from. That is why we have gathered a list of the 6 best car racks recommended for you. 

Let’s have a look! 

Best bike rack for tow bar

A tow-bar carrier is the easiest and most convenient rack to fasten on your car. You simply lift the device onto the tow ball and attach the locks at the bottom and it is secure. All you have to do then is fit your bike on the rack and strap it in ─ and you are ready to go! 

Our best seller is the Buzzrack e-Hornet 2 Platform Tow Bar Bike Rack. If you wish to carry heavier bikes such as electric bikes and MTB then Buzzrack carriers are your best choice. This tow ball model can carry two heavy bikes and has a total load capacity of 60 kilos. 

The e-Hornet is super easy to assemble - no tools needed - and comes with a tilting feature so you can easily access your car boot without removing the rack. The wheelbase holders are versatile and will fit all types of tyres, even small kids' bikes. The secure wheel strap is padded to avoid scratching the wheels and can hold tyres with up to four-inch widths. 

The Buzzrack also features a lockable frame and a 7-pin lighting system. 

The e-Hornet tow bar rack is also available as a three-bike holder. 

Another great option is the Thule VeloCompact 3 Towball Bike Rack. This carrier can carry up to three bikes and has a total load capacity of 60kg. It is super easy to mount and adjust before closing the tightening handle due to the tow-bar coupling’s initial stability. It can fit bicycles with up to three-inch wheel size and has a long, easy-to-fasten wheel strap with pump buckles. Like the Buzzrack, this Thule car rack also comes with a tilt feature, giving easy access to the boot by simply using the smart foot tilt pedal. 

 Tilting Bike Rack for car

Best bike rack hitch mount

A hitch car carrier is conveniently mounted onto your vehicle by sliding the hitch-mount rack into the receiver hitch at the rear of the car. Once it is mounted, you simply attach the hitch pin to the rack and tighten the handle knobs in order to secure the carrier to its position. Then, simply unfold the arms and lift your bicycle onto the platform!

Our favourite hitch mount bike rack for cars is the Buzzrack e-Scorpion. This carrier is perfect for holding heavy mountain bikes or eBikes thanks to its high loading capacity, durability, outstanding stability and safety. Whatever type of bicycle you have, the e-Scorpion should be able to accommodate it. 

The car bike carrier is well-liked due to its ease of use and convenience. The rack is mounted to your vehicle when it is still folded, that way you have great space to fit the rack onto your car - no long carrier arms to obscure the space or hit your legs, and it can be easily stored in your garage without taking too much space. 

The rack is designed to sit high on the hitch receiver so it will not hit bumps or other obstacles like sharp ferry ramps. So if you want to bring your bicycle with you on your next island adventure, this is the rack to get!

The quality and build of the e-Scorpion are exemplary, from the design to the construction including rust-proofing, quality components, tube selection and welding techniques. 

Choose between a one or two-bike e-Scorpion carrier, both offering a 30kg maximum weight capacity per bike.

Another best seller is the Yakima OnRamp 2inch Hitch. What makes this carrier so popular is its on-ramp designs. Instead of haul heavy bikes on the rack’s platform, the OnRamp Yakima rack bike has an integrated loading ramp. That way you can easily roll your bike onto the rack. No more heavy lifting and back pains!

Best Bike Rack

The Yakima OnRamp Hitch Car Carrier is approved for off-road travel, so you can get your MTB as close to the trail as possible. It is the perfect choice for MTB and eMTBs as it comes with fully adjustable cradles that are compatible with a wide range of bike frames. 

The OnRamp can handle up to two electric bikes and has a total weight capacity of 60kg. 

Best bike roof rack for the car

A bike roof rack is a great way to transport your bicycle as it will not obscure your rear view or hinder you from accessing your vehicle’s boot. A roof bike carrier is normally capable of carrying more bikes compared to other models such as a hitch mount rack.

One of the best roof racks from our collection is the Thule ProRide roof-mounted bike rack. This device makes it possible to quickly and securely fit your bicycle on the rack thanks to its torque limiter dial which controls the force going into the bike frame and offers a clear signal when you have correctly mounted the bike.

The Thule bike rack features soft claw pads that adjust to fit your bicycle’s tube frame and works to spread the pressure so no damage is inflicted on your two-wheel ride. 

The car bicycle carrier is incredibly light at only 4.2 kilos and is compatible with wheel sizes between 16-29 inches.

The Yakima HighRoad roof rack bike carrier is also a top choice. This premium rack features TorqueRight tightening knobs so you no longer have to deal with adjustment hoops - making loading and securing that much faster and convenient!

The HighRoad attaches the bike to the rack by the wheels for optimised bike protection and the low-profile design minimises hatch interference. It will fit most vehicles with its universal mounting hardware no tool needed.

It will only take you five minutes to install!

There you have it, the 6 best car bike racks of 2022. If you pick one of these you can’t go wrong. All car racks have been through extensive safety checks and tests so you can drive away without worrying about missing a bike when you reach your final destination. 

Remember to follow the road rules when attaching and driving with a car rack. For more information about road standards and how to correctly mount your carrier, click here.

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