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Bike Cleaning Products

The 8 Best Cleaning Products for Electric Bikes

In order to optimise your electric bike’s longevity and keep it in top performance shape at all times, it is important to regularly give it a clean.

When looking for the best cleaning products for your electric bike, you need to consider if it is e-bike friendly and can be used on different bicycle components such as metal, disc brakes and rotors.

To help you out, we have put together a list of the top recommended eBike cleaning products on the market.

1 - Disc Brake Cleaner

Muc-Off is a well known high-performing bicycle maintenance brand. If you are looking for a brake cleaner we highly recommend trying the Muc-Off Disc Brake Cleaner. This cleaning agent is designed to easily remove oil and dirt from all braking parts.

Muc-Off cleaning spray comes with a long nozzle that can reach even the smallest of places. It can be used on both discs and rotors. It is formulated with ingredients that are made to moisturise your disc brakes so that the bike brake pads will last longer. In addition, it will also reduce any high pitched noises coming from the discs and improve your overall braking abilities.

Another option is the Maxima Citrus Contact Brake Cleaner Aerosol 369g. This spray is specifically constructed to remove contaminants such as heavy grease, dirt and oil from motorized bikes. It is non-staining and non-corrosive, and comes with a unique hydration formula to keep your brakes running smoothly. It dries super quickly and as it is designed for electric bikes it is safe to use, leaving behind no residue or moisture.

2 - Bike Chain Cleaner

The Smoove Prep chain cleaner was constructed with high technology polymer ingredients that are specifically designed to clean, neutralise and dissolve grease and dirt from your bike chain in mere minutes. You only need a little bit of the Smoove to get the job done -  much less than a normal degreaser. One bottle will be able to clean your drive train ten times! And it smells good - like fruity citrus.

After cleaning your chain we recommend putting on the Squirt Dry Chain Lube. This chain lube will prolong the life of your drivetrain by minimising dirt gathered, reducing chain suck and friction. It is long-lasting with wax/water emulsion, which will provide enough lube to last for the whole duration of a marathon. It also helps improve your shifting and reduce the sound of dry chain noise. The Squirt lube is super easy to clean off with a dry Muc-Off Brush.

3 - Drivetrain Cleaner

If you are looking for a cleaning product that is safe to use on all parts of the drivetrain system, then the Muc-Off Biodegradable Drivetrain cleaner 500ml is our top choice.

This cleaning agent can either be poured into a bicycle cleaning tool or be used as a spray that can easily reach the tighter spaces on the chainrings, derailleurs and bike cassettes. It offers riders a deep clean in mere minutes. The Muc-Off content is also fully biodegradable and safe to use on metal, rubber, seals and plastic.

Muc-Off Biodegradable Drivetrain Cleaner

4- Whole body bike cleaner

For an all body cleaning agent, the Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner 1L is our best seller. It is claimed to be the most effective e-bike cleaning agent on the market. This pink product has incredible cleaning powers due to its unique formula - Nano Tech - which is designed to easily cut through the toughest of dirt and grime on microscopic levels.

In addition, it adds to your electric bicycles delicate finish. It is biodegradable and alkaline-based, meaning it does not contain any dangerous or nasty chemicals. Muc-Off can be used on all bicycle parts and surfaces, including carbon fibre, disc brake pads and rotors. 

Muc-Off Nano Tech Bike Cleaner

If you are looking for an alternative to hard-core bucket washing, we highly recommend trying the Krush Foaming Rapid Wash 1L. This spray has the same high-strength biodegradable ingredients as the KRUSH Premium Bike Wash, and will give your electric bike a fresh KRUSH clean that is to be expected from this premium range of bike cleaning products.

5 - Dry Wash - No water needed

With the Muc-Off eBike Dry Wash 750ml you do not need to have water accessible to clean your bike. The high-performing waterless wash is easy and quick to use. It both cleans and polishes your eBike in seconds, providing you with a spotless finish.

The Muc-Off cleaner comes with an innovative formula that is constructed to sheath any dirt layers in order to shield it from scratching. A super convenient product to have in between deep clean washes.

6 - Finish Detailer

Maxima SC1 Bike Polish 355ml was built to give your bicycle that brand-new look again. It is unrivalled when it comes to shine and durability. The formula is specifically developed to provide you with the perfect bike finish, offering a durable long-lasting layer that repels dirt, debris and mud. Comes with a fresh and clean smell, and reduces muck build-ups.

Maxima SC1 Bike Polish

If your e-bike has a matt finish we recommend trying the Muc-Off Matt Finish Detailer 250ml. This high-performing concoction will leave any bicycle’s surface with a gloss-free, none-streak protective finish.

For electric mountain bikes, the suspension is a vital part of the bicycle. We therefore advise riders after cleaning to use the Muc-Off Silicon Shine Spray 500ml. This finish spray does not only leaves your e-bicycle looking fresh, but also offers amazing friction reduction for suspensions and prevent dirt adhesion. Simply, coat your shocks absorber and fork stanchions with a film of the Silicon Shine to reduce resistance and give you eBike a silky smooth, World Cup performance.

7 - Cleaning Brush

In addition to the liquid washes, you will need a brush or a sponge to get to the difficult areas.

The Krush Two Prong Brush is an excellent choice for reaching difficult areas. The brush has a double brush design and an adaptable head that make the brush capable of being changed to reach those tricky spots.

Another great option is the Muc-Off Detailed Cleaning Bush Set. This set comes with three high-quality brushes constructed with durable nylon bristles and an integral scraper. The bristles are soft making them perfect for cleaning bicycle components and wheels. It is designed to tackle hard-to-shift grime.

The brush head is big for faster cleaning and it comes with a tough and resilient handle that will not slip in your hands. Along with a rubber cover for enhanced protection.

Muc-Off Detailed Cleaning Pack - 3 Brush Set

If you are looking to purchase a range of cleaning agents, we recommend buying a cleaning kit. It will cost you less and contain all the essential cleaning products you need in order to keep your e-bike in top shape.

8 - Cleaning kits

The Muc-Off Bike Care Essentials Kit contains the basic cleaning tools you need to keep your bike looking fresh. The set includes a Nano Tech bike cleaner for deep cleaning and delicate finishes, bike protect to preventing dirt build-up while giving it a fresh look, an ergonomically shaped sponge for all over bike body wash, Muc-Off brush to clean out muck from hard to reach areas, and last, a carrying tote for contaminate free storage.

 Muc-Off Bike Care Essentials Kit 

These are all made to safely care for your bike, keeping it young and good looking for years to come.

If you want to know more about how to clean your eBike correctly, check out this video here.
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