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How to clean your electric skateboard

8 Easy Maintenance Tips for Your Electric Skateboard

In order to keep an electric skateboard - or any electric transportation vehicle really - in its best shape, then looking after it and maintaining the electric longboard is super important. It does not require much but the benefits it gives to your riding experience is so worth it! 

We have put together 7 simple tips on how to look after your electric board to ensure all parts are working together in harmony as they were designed to do.

TIP 1: Cleaning

We recommend cleaning your electric skateboard after each ride, especially if you are riding an all-terrain electric board. Clean the board from dirt and dust by using a slightly damp or microfibre cloth to clean the skateboard deck, grip tape and any smooth surface area. But make sure you don’t get any water or dirt inside the electronic parts. After this is done, simply wipe down the board with a dry cloth.

Evolve Boards

TIP 2: Clean bearings

When taking your e-longboard for a ride it is bound to get dirty. If it is left in that condition for long periods, it will affect the board’s riding quality. It may even reduce the skateboard’s battery performance and lead to potential bearing failure. It is therefore very important that you clean the bearings regularly so that your skateboard wheels roll effortlessly and you get to experience the smoothest ride possible.

Also, as water and electronics do not normally mix well, it is important to make sure that no water gets into the wheel bearings. Water can cause defects to the bearings and you would then need to replace it. You will notice this happening if you hear a scraping noise from the bearings.

TIP 3: Rotate the wheels

As the drive wheels on an e-board are always in contact with the ground surface, these are likely to wear out the fastest. It is therefore a good idea to rotate the wheels once in a while, especially when you are not using the longboard.

It is recommended to replace your wheels when the tires are less than 5mm thick. And for off-road skateboards, like Evolve All-Terrain, it is advised to keep the tire pressure between 35 psi and 50 psi.

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Evolve GTR Bamboo All Terrain

Evolve GTR Bamboo All Terrain e-skateboard

TIP 4: Check and clean motors

Make sure to regularly clean your motors for better performance and lifespan. If you enjoy riding in rougher conditions or terrains, we recommend cleaning the engine after every ride.

Always inspect your motor before and after every ride. Make sure there are no strange noises coming from the engine and that it is clean from dirt and debris.

Also, if the motors get overheated when riding, give it time to cool down before you continue on riding.

TIP 5: Check screws and nuts

It is important to ensure all screws and nuts throughout the electric board are in place and tight. This includes wheel nuts, truck nuts and so on.

Simply use a 1/2, 3/8 or 9/16 wrench or socket (depending on your model).

TIP 6: Check drive belt

A common cause of damage or wear to the electric skateboard’s drive belt is getting something stuck between the belt and gear. It is therefore very essential for you to always check your belt before every ride. We also recommend after every ride to have a quick look and see if there is any unusual wear to the belt. You can do this by turning the wheels as this will also spin the belt.

By doing regular checks and cleans, you are able to detect early on what is causing the wear early and simply remove it. That way, you don’t end up damaging the drive belt irreversibly and having to replace it.

If in need of a new drive belt, check out Evolve GTR belts or Exway Riot Belts in our store. The belt should have enough tension so that it does not skip but not so tight that it will cause resistance when the drive wheel turns. Having a perfect tension is important as it gives you more range, a quieter board and a longer hardware life span.

For more information about how to adjust belt tension, check out the video below:

Tip 7: Battery 

Make sure to not overcharge your battery. Do not leave the e-board on charge for long periods of time as it will overcharge the battery, and later lead to damages to the battery’s cells and shorten its longevity.

We also advise when charging to first connect the charger to the e-skateboard before plugging it into the socket. And if you are not using your skateboard for a while, it is important to charge the battery at least once a month.

TIP 8: Safe storage

Always store your motorised skateboard at room temperature and in a dry area. The Lithium battery does not take well to high heat, so make sure you never leave it in a hot space - like in the sun or a hot car. Preferably in a dark place like the garage or closet. 

If you are not using your board often and want to store it away, you should charge the battery to a 40-50% capacity before doing so. Remember to put it in a space that always has room temperature!

Follow these tips and you are bound to have an electric skateboard that will ride at its best and last for many years to come!

For more details and guidelines check out our FAQ’s or check out this skateboard beginners video from Evolve:

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Evolve All Terrain Conversion Kit

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