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Exway Electric Skateboards

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The most advanced and smartest eboards

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A smart way to get to where you need to go

Exway Electric Skateboard was founded by X-sport enthusiastic and developed to offer users a smart and fun travel option. Exway skateboards are the best combination of the latest technologies and traditional craftsmanship, following the brand’s concept - “Born for Freedom”. Not only that, but Exway strive to offer you the chicest, safest and most convenient e-boards so you can enjoy your ride without worries.

Exway’s most compact board is Exway Wave. This remote control skateboard is not only shorther and smaller but also crush performance expectations for daily use. Super easy to store anywhere you go - under your work desk, in the suitcase for travel or under your seat at your favourite cafe. As it is very short from tip to rear with a kick tail design it offers incredible control and agility. In addition it comes with smart features such as a swapable battery, so you can easily replace your battery in mere seconds. The battery is extremely portable and lightweight, and will take you for unforgettable rides up to 24km. The Exway Wave e-board also gives you the option of choosing between a hub power system and a riot power system. The riot offer more torque, while the hub is quiter and with exceptional ground-clearance. 


What a way to travel!

The most budget-friendly Exway cruiser board is Exway Flex. This board has everything you need in one package! Including a swapable power system, choose between either a Roit for a max power of 2x1,500 W or a hub power system of max 1,200 W. The engine is incredible strong, capable of carry you up 30% gradiante uphills. Combining that with its smart battery, and you have a power horse that can ride up to 32km! Plenty of range to get you where you need to go, and then some. Other handy features are its shock absorbing skateboard grip tape, reducing vibrations so you get a smooth and comfortable riding flow. Not only that, but the Exway board comes with solid urethane wheels that provides extra softness when riding as well as lasts longer. 


Funky, cool and super fun!

The newest superstar to our Exway collection is Exway X1 Max. This eSkateboard offer 20% better battery capacity, an upgraded truck design and up to 30km range per single charge. Its all-new Trist truck design has improved the electric longboard’s strength considerably when compared to traditional die-cast trucks. This board is definitely built to be resilient with its anti-scratch skateboard deck material and ‘LINE-X’ coating protection, making it possible for you to feel confident when doing deep carves and sharp turns without worrying about scratching the motorised skateboard’s interior. 

All Exway electric longboards are compatible with their Exway App, so you can easily control your eBoard straight from your hands! The app offers insightful real-time riding data, board diagnostics, and you can choose between 3 riding modes that are designe for all skill levels.

Are you missing riding parts or they are in need of an upgrade? Then check out our wide range of spare parts available here. Including have strong and durable Exway skateboard wheels, headlights, battery pack, belts, charger, remote, drive train and more.

We offer a diverse range of Exway eSkateboards online and in our Gold Coast store to best suit you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Exway eSkateboards good?

Yes! The brand is driven by enthusiastic eSkateboard riders who strive to develop high-quality smart e-board for convenient use. The boards combine the perfect balance of new tech and traditional skateboard craftsmanship. Exway eBoards are known for their excellent performance, safety and durability. Striving to meet riders needs.

Who makes Exway skateboards?

The company was created by two X-Sport entrepreneurs in 2016, and has since expanded substantially. Their headquarters are in China. 

How fast do Exway electric skateboards go?

This depends on the model but they can reach a top speed between 38km/h to 45km/h.
The fastest skateboard, Exway X1 Max, can reach a top speed of up to 45km/h.

However, remember that electric skateboards have a 25km/h restriction. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How far can you go on an Exway e-board?

Depending on the model, but between 20-30 kilometres per single charge.

Note: This varies depending on model, weight load, riding mode and weather conditions. 

How long does it take to charge Exway electric motor skateboards?

On Standard Charge it takes up to 5 hours to charge, while on Fast Charge it only takes 1.5 hours.

Can you ride an Exway electric longboard in the rain?

It is not advised to ride your board in the rain. The bearings and the electronics are the most important parts of your board, and you will want to make sure that these elements are not exposed to a lot of water. Your device is low to the ground and therefore there is a bigger possibility for water to get inside the electronics, which will cause damages. eBoards that have water damage are not covered by warranty.

What is the cheapest Exway e-board?

Exway Wave is the cheapest eSkateboard. It is super compact and smaller than the other models but that does not affect its riding capabilities. Wave includes everything you want in a motorized board - power, range and agility.

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