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Should I Buy an Electric Bicycle or Electric Scooter? Part II

Should I Buy an Electric Bicycle or Electric Scooter? Part II

Kenji Shimizu |

Should I Buy An Electric Bicycle or Electric Scooter? Part II

eScooter or eBike? If you’re not sure which one is right for you this 2-part series Should I Buy An Electric Bicycle or Electric Scooter? will help you decide.

We covered the benefits of electric bikes in Part 1 and here, in Part 2, we look at the benefits of eScooters. 

An eScooter could be right for you if…

You want an easy, get-up-and-go urban commute
If you don’t live too far from the office, say within a 10km radius, an electric scooter makes getting to work a hassle-free ride.

You want to save money on petrol 
Like an eBike, getting around on an electric scooter is a great way to save money on petrol costs. Most car owners spend an average of $71.50 a week but you won’t spend a cent on petrol with an electric scooter. 

You don’t have a lot of storage or outdoor space
eScooters are so compact! Ideal if you live in a small apartment, share with flatmates or just generally don’t have much space to store an eBike or park a car. 

Depending on the style of eScooter, you could keep it in your room if you live in a shared house and even take it to the office to store inside while at work.

You want a more eco-friendly way to get around
With zero tailpipe emissions, eScooters offer a far more eco-friendly ride than cars and other road vehicles and don’t add to traffic congestion. 

Motorcycles, cars, trucks and buses make up about three quarters of global transport greenhouse gas pollution levels so you’re doing a good thing for the planet by jumping on an electric scooter instead. 

You want your own mode of transport - but not a car 
An eScooter is a great compromise for personal transport (no more waiting for the bus) without the commitment of a car. You’ll have the freedom of personal transport minus the expense and maintenance of a car.

Electric Bike vs Electric Scooter

So, eBike or eScooter? A few things to consider when choosing between the two. 

Do you need a transport you can ‘tuck’ away?
Need to take your eScooter or eBike up and down stairs to your apartment / office or store it in a tiny space? You’ll want a lighter option and, depending on how limited you are with storage space, even something you can fold. Based on portability and weight, an eScooter is the way to go. 

How long is your work commute?
Want to use your eBike or eScooter for your daily commute? 

The number of kms you need to cover each day will play a big role in deciding between the two. For long commutes (20km+), an eBike is probably your best bet. 

Are you a hybrid commuter?
Plan to take hybrid commutes - part electric transport and part public transport? 

Your ride needs to be compact enough for the bus or train leg of the journey. An eScooter would be the best option here.

eBikes could work on trains but depending on where you live there may be restrictions on times you can take the bike onboard. In Brisbane, for example, you can’t take a bike on CBD bound / departing trains during peak hour. 

Do you want to boost your fitness?
If you’re swapping the car for an electric ride to work on your fitness levels, the eBike wins. 

You need to physically pump the pedals on a pedal-assisted eBike to engage the motor which gives a boost to your pace as you pedal along. The pedalling motion can get your heart rate up and help burn calories! Studies have likened the difference in energy exertion of a regular bike vs an eBike to running vs brisk walking. 

How much do you want to spend?
While some eBike and eScooter models are similar in price, generally electric scooters come with a lower price tag. Maintenance costs are usually lower too. 

Need to take stuff with you?
If you’ve got cargo to get from A to B an electric cargo bike is the obvious choice. A scooter limits you to whatever you can fit in a backpack. 

Things to consider before buying an eScooter

How do you plan to use your eScooter?

Do you want an electric scooter mostly for recreational activities; exploring and getting around on the weekends? Or are you planning to use it to get to work? This will impact the type of model you choose. 

For example, if you plan to be spending a lot of time riding, a model like the Machine Transporter 1000 e-Scooter could be a good choice. Or, if you’re planning the  occasional weekend cruise, a model like xxxxx

Consider the range, how it handles on different types of terrain, and the speed. 

Where can you take it for service or help?

The ease of after-purchase support is important. When buying your eScooter, ask where you can take it for service or replacement parts. Some stores will offer scooter servicing or should be able to refer you to a reputable maintenance service.

What about the warranty?

Warranties will vary from supplier to supplier. Read the fine print to understand what is covered and what isn’t. XXXXX

Electric scooters are fun but accidents aren’t. A high visibility vest at night and helmet are a must to stay safe while riding. You’ll also need to get a bell or small horn and retro-reflector tapes on the device to make it more visible at night. 

In most Australian states and territories, using a light at night is a legal requirement so you’ll need to fit a light to the front too.

Read more about eScooter safety tips and traffic rules in Australia.

Have questions about electric scooters? Ask us anything – we’re here to help! Call (07) 3517 0996, email help@crooze.com.au or reach us on Facebook.


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